Product Advice

How to Fit Western Boots

If you have never worn western boots, figuring out how they are suppose to fit might seem like a daunting task…that’s why here at the BootJack, we pride ourselves on having friendly, knowledgeable sales associates that can assist you in finding the best fit for your western boots. Here are some key things we look […]

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How to Waterproof Boots and Care for Waterproof Boots

Waterproofing your Boots First the term waterproofing is a misnomer. If your boots did not come from the factory as waterproof boots, then it is very hard to make them completely waterproof now. But there are some products you can use to greatly improve their ability to withstand water, keeping your feet dryer longer. Listed […]

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Why you should know your Heel-to-Ball Joint Size

A lot of people think your heel-to-toe measurement (the overall length of your foot) is all you need to determine what size shoe you should wear. But that is only part of the information you need. While the heel-to-toe measurement is important, the heel-to-ball joint measurement (your arch length) is a better guide to getting […]

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